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At Altitude, we believe in the value and importance of using exams to assess and pass levels. Exams provide a structured and objective evaluation system that ensures the progress and proficiency of our students in aerial arts.


Why we use exams as a part of our curriculum:

1. Measuring Skill Development: Exams serve as a reliable benchmark to measure a student's skill development and progress. By setting specific criteria and skill requirements for each level, exams allow us to assess a student's technical proficiency, strength, flexibility, and overall understanding of aerial techniques. It provides a clear indication of their growth and helps them set achievable goals.


2. Building a Solid Foundation: Aerial arts require a strong foundation of fundamental skills and techniques. Exams help to ensure that students have a solid understanding of the basics before advancing to more complex moves and sequences. By passing each level, students demonstrate their ability to perform essential skills safely and effectively, creating a strong foundation for further progression.

3. Promoting Safety and Risk Management: Aerial arts involve inherent risks, and safety is of paramount importance. Exams provide an opportunity for instructors to assess a student's understanding of safety protocols, proper spotting techniques, and the ability to execute moves with control and precision. By passing exams, students demonstrate their competence in executing movements safely, reducing the risk of injuries during their aerial practice.

4. Enhancing Discipline and Commitment: Exams require students to put in dedicated practice and effort to master the required skills. This process instills discipline, focus, and commitment in students, as they work towards achieving specific goals and meeting the exam requirements. Exams provide a structured framework that encourages students to push themselves, fostering a sense of achievement and personal growth.

5. Fostering Goal Setting and Motivation: Exams offer students tangible goals to work towards, providing a sense of direction and motivation throughout their aerial journey. The satisfaction of passing an exam and progressing to the next level can be a powerful source of inspiration and drive for students. It encourages them to set new goals, embrace challenges, and continue their growth in aerial arts.

Overall, using exams as a part of our aerial curriculum ensures that students receive a comprehensive and systematic learning experience. It helps us maintain high standards of proficiency, safety, and progress, while also fostering a sense of accomplishment and personal growth for our students.


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